How to buy cryptocurrency bitcoin: step by step instructions

Bitcoin popularity  – and other coins continues to grow. Next, the number of people willing to invest in digital assets is increasing. However, the new financial instrument is not like traditional money, so potential buyers have many questions and difficulties. Complicated instructions, conflicting opinions are just a few of the problems that a newbie may face. Here’s how to get around all the pitfalls and buy bitcoin with credit card no verification.

Step №1 – Determine the purpose of the purchase

Cryptocurrency can be purchased for day-to-day expenses, long-term investments, trading on the exchange, or in parallel to use it for different purposes. Further actions depend on the scenario, including the choice of a wallet for storing and carrying out transactions with assets.

Step №2 – Select and register a wallet

A wallet is a program, service or device with a digital address, where crypto assets are stored, as in a bank account.

Each cryptocurrency wallet has its own public address. It is a complex combination of letters and numbers that is created at the time of registration. To send bitcoins from one wallet to another, it is enough to indicate the recipient’s public address when transferring. One person can have as many cryptocurrency wallets as they want.

Bitcoin wallet address example

Cold wallets are suitable for long-term storage of cryptocurrencies. They are represented by physical devices similar to a USB flash drive. To carry out transactions through “cold” wallets, you need an Internet connection. The rest of the time, the assets are stored offline, which means that hackers cannot access them.

An example of a cold wallet is Trezor One White. Its cost is 48.76 EUR (price at the beginning of October 2020). On the market, you can find more expensive and budget models.

Hot mobile clients are suitable for day-to-day operations with BTC. They are represented by applications for working on devices connected to the Internet. The security level of such wallets is lower than that of “cold” ones, but the speed of transactions and ease of use are higher. An example of a hot wallet is Mycelium.

Another option is a free exchange wallet. The security of an option depends on the trading platform: its technical solutions and capabilities. You can get it when registering on the exchange. For example, on Russified Binance.

There is a SAFU fund on the platform. In case of theft of user funds, losses are reimbursed by default from the reserves accumulated in it. The exchange has already reached out to SAFU after hackers stole 7,000 BTC from Binance accounts in May 2019.

Step №3 – Choosing a way to buy BTC

There are several ways to buy bitcoin. Each of them has its own characteristics. We will analyze the most popular options.

Through the exchanger

Cryptocurrency exchange allows users to quickly get the type of currency they want. The principle of operation of a crypto exchange is the same as in exchange offices, only everything happens much faster and online. With the accelerated development of modern technologies and Internet business, the number of exchangers on the Internet is rapidly increasing, which sometimes misleads users. After all, each of them offers its own rate, sometimes even hidden fees, for some it is overestimated, in others it is specially underestimated – it is very difficult to choose the most suitable service for yourself. That is why you should pay attention to the BestChange company, which is a service that allows you not only to make payments in cryptocurrency, but also to exchange it. This became possible thanks to the crypto exchanger, which charges a minimum commission for the exchange.. You can find a suitable offer on the popular service for monitoring exchange offices – BestChange. In the “list” section, you need to choose how you will pay and what cryptocurrency you want to buy. The service will offer the most profitable options at the time of the search.

Interface BestChange

On BestChange you can find offers for buying bitcoins from bank cards, wallets of electronic payment systems, through money transfers and even cash, to order click here. Operations are carried out on exchangers.

To buy the required cryptocurrency, you need to choose to click on the offer you are interested in.

Interface BestChange

After going to the exchanger, follow the site’s recommendations. The stages of buying a cryptocurrency may differ depending on the chosen payment method and platform rules. Verification is often not required to complete the transaction. As a result, exchangers have become one of the express options for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Through the exchange

Take “” as an example. The first stage is registration.

Binance exchange interface

This will require:

  • enter your email address;
  • come up with a password;
  • read and agree to the Binance rules of operation;
  • enter the confirmation code from the letter sent to the specified e-mail.

To get started on Binance, you need to pass an identity check. To do this, you need to enter:

  • Date of birth.
  • Full residential address.

Binance isn’t the only exchange option for buying bitcoins. When choosing from other platforms, we advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  • The high anonymity of the sites negatively affects the level of their security. Verified exchanges that operate in accordance with regulatory rules are a less risky option.
  • It is worth choosing time-tested platforms with a large crypto community.
  • Before registering, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the site, its commissions and functionality.

The stages of buying cryptocurrency through different exchanges may vary depending on the rules of the site.

Buying cryptocurrency from hands

On the Internet, you can find offers for the sale of cryptocurrency without intermediaries – “from hand to hand.” The transaction will save on commissions of intermediaries and save time. The security of buying cryptocurrency from hands depends on the conditions. Including – from the presence of a verified guarantor.

Why invest in bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional money, BTC is a completely decentralized financial instrument. None of the regulators in the world can directly influence the issue, circulation and distribution of coins.

Fiat’s value largely depends on the actions of the central bank. The regulator can print new money in unlimited quantities. An increase in the volume of the national currency in the market leads to its depreciation. The more offers, the lower the demand.

Unlike fiat, the maximum number of bitcoins is capped at 21 million BTC. Every 4 years, the network adjusts the release rate of new coins. This is how the system lowers bitcoin inflation.


There are many options to buy your first cryptocurrency. Buying on a verified exchange through a verified account will take longer, but will provide security. Transactions through exchangers and online sellers are more risky options with their own advantages. To other conclusions:

  • Cryptocurrency can be kept in different wallets.
  • Due to the lengthy verification of the account, several days may pass between the decision to purchase bitcoin and the moment of purchase.
  • One person can register an unlimited number of wallets.

Bookmark this article to always have full instructions at hand.

How I opened a children’s footwear store

Families with children, especially small children, know very well how quickly babies grow. And, therefore, they have to buy clothes and shoes much more often than adults. And you have to buy in any case, regardless of the financial situation of the family. It is for these reasons that several years ago I started selling children’s shoes.

After accumulating a small amount of money and forming myself as an individual entrepreneur, I rented a small department in a shopping center and brought the goods. Despite the fact that the trading place was a through passage, the buyers were initially small.

 How I opened a children's footwear store.

I had to advertise. In order to save money, I printed on the color printer a small but informative business card of my department with the address and range of shoes. For a small fee, a schoolgirl-student spread out this advertisement near kindergartens, schools, multi-storey apartment blocks and shopping and entertainment centers.

In social networks she created a page with colorful photos. In friends invited all the residents of his city, so that potential buyers could see what kind of goods can be purchased in my store. Over time, a more or less constant stream of clients formed, which recommended my shop to neighbors, friends and colleagues.

The difficulty in selling shoes is as follows: selling one or two sizes from a size range to buy these pairs individually is more problematic and expensive

] And at the end of the season there are 2-3 pairs of beautiful shoes of slow sizes, and I do discounts on them so that the goods do not lie down and new models will be brought to the next season.

It is not easy to pick up shoes for children, sometimes you have to measure 10 pairs of shoes, but if q The eyes of the eyes burn at the sight of beautiful shoes or shoes, then the children will return for new purchases with their parents.

How the bank blocked my card because of suspicious payments

A recent incident happened with a small incident with a bank card [один из 5 самых популярных банков страны — прим редактора.] I have a small business and several more projects, the income from which I collect on payment systems and electronic wallets, and in particular to a bank card.

The bank itself carefully monitors all its users and it has a certain security system that controls all transactions made by customers. In the case of a suspicious operation, the card is blocked and can be unlocked only in the bank and in the presence of appropriate documents confirming the cardholder and his identity.

This system has a number of shortcomings. And it did not pass me by. Due to the large number of payments received on my card, the bank decided to block it.

 How the bank blocked my card because of suspicious payments

The site said it was blocked by an employee, but not by the system. After that, I make a phone call to the consultant and hear from him that my card is blocked on suspicion of fraud!

I asked what helped. To which he received the answer – “You have committed too many suspicious translations in recent years.” The account and all funds on the card were blocked. I stayed without money, because I kept everything on the card.

I did not manage to unlock the card, because I did not find the contract, and I have been bothering with it for a very long time. It was a simple decision to reissue it. Pleased that the money from the account was allowed to be removed from the passport and without unnecessary documents. Now I am looking for other means of raising funds, otherwise this card will also be blocked.

How did we open a service center: filling up printers and repairing computers

“The service center will be opened. Service – always profitable, “my husband told me after we unsuccessfully worked for a private trader. All that we had for that distant 2002 – his knowledge and my imagination. Started at home.

Made beautiful ads with the text “refilling printers, repairing computers” and pasted them on stops. Customers called, brought home cartridges and printers for repairs. Many people needed a receipt – I was registered as a private entrepreneur (then it was a private entrepreneur).

Convinced that it was going on, we rented an office. Before opening, printed advertising for ¼ sheet, and leaked in the mailboxes in the area where the office was. So on the very first day we had already a good (2003) revenue – 700 rubles. The work was on, our team was replenished by the receptionist and another master.

Refilling the printers was then profitable. With the advent of printers (Epson) equipped with chips, we purchased a programmer on the Internet, and became the first in the city who ran the chip cartridges. Here it is worth noting the fact that my husband (alas, a former) is a talented master who probably can fix everything that has not died.
 How we opened a service center: filling up printers and repairing computers
Whatever the proposals , the only effective advertising was leaflets in mailboxes, ads for the city (stops, special boards), advertising in the elevator, and, of course, from the client to the client.

In 2006, large companies wanted to work with us, but they needed another level of relations. We opened an LLC. A lot of organizations of our city have signed a contract with us. Worked according to the following scheme:

  1. A preliminary calculation is made for the number of printers and copiers and the print volume per month
  2. The master is assigned to the client
  3. Invoiced for prepayment
  4. The customer calls our operator every time the need arises, and receives the service within an hour.
  5. As the money limit expires, an invoice and a new invoice are displayed.

The system is convenient for both clients and us, as services are performed quickly, consumables are always in stock and there is no need to stay Mr calculation.

Since 2007, we closed the office and completely switched to the home service (in the office), providing artists scooters. This saved us from the cost of rent, the need to sit in the office, pay for the work of the receptionist. Employees felt freer, they could regulate their work with clients, which made it possible to combine work with other businesses.

Service, repair and refueling are beneficial when consumables are quality and are purchased in large quantities at a wholesale price, and the level of professional training of masters is constantly increasing.

How I bought an apartment on credit with a salary of 10,000 rubles

When buying my first apartment I had to take a loan from the bank (there was a shortage of savings). To do this, I chose the most reliable and time-tested – this is Sberbank of Russia. She issued a loan in the city of Stavropol in the North Caucasian bank of Sberbank of Russia.

A bank employee, based on the documents I provided (Russian passport, certificate on the form 2-NDFL from the main place of work), calculated for various types of loans. I stopped at the “Consumer Loan” for a period of 5 years.

For my official salary of 10,000 rubles, this type of loan yielded a maximum amount of 180,000 rubles. I had enough of this money and I applied for a loan.

The terms of the grant were as follows: “Consumer loan” in the amount of 180 000 rubles at 19.75% per annum for personal consumption, for a period of 60 months, without guarantors.

After 4 days, a bank employee called me with information that the loan was approved to me, and I need to come to the bank to sign the contract. The loan agreement was successfully signed and issued to me with a payment schedule.

For this type of loan, the repayment of interest and principal was paid by annuity payments – equal to each other payments paid in a certain period of time. The mandatory payment amount was 4745 rubles. Early repayment of the loan was possible only with the fourth payment.

I paid the loan within 48 months, monthly without delays, and then the remaining amount of 47,435 rubles was repaid ahead of schedule. After repaying the loan, Sberbank took a certificate on the closure of the loan.

The loan helped me buy a long-awaited apartment, I acquired a positive story in the bank.

After that, I applied to the bank branches in a year. I was offered a credit card of Sberbank for 50 days without interest, without a statement of income and without guarantors. I am satisfied with the service of employees and the attention of the bank. Now I use a credit card. I advise this bank.

Crypto currency Facebook – why and when to wait?

Are Facebook ready to launch its own crypto currency? Sensational news (or rumor?) Went through the news sites. Previously, it became known that Facebook has a group of people who work on the blockbuster platform.

The system of payments from Facebook will embrace billions of users, the prospects for it are much larger than those of Telegram, which caused a furore not only on cryptology.

It is known that the group of developers is headed by Marcus, who previously developed the Messenger in the bowels of the FB, and even earlier directed PayPal. David Marcus is also known as one of the bitcoins enthusiasts who invested in the crypt already in the year 10, and in 17 he joined the board of directors of the crypto-exchange Coinbase.

Agree – a very serious leader, but the team – a number of developers of the fastest growing service of the corporation Instagram.

For crypto-currencies it is very positive news that has already affected the courses.

How I opened an online store of thermal underwear in Instagram and in brought the buyers to offline

Kind time of the day for all those who are reading this now. In order to launch a project, a service, a business or any other business, it is important to notice the possibilities.

You need to see what you can fill, because in almost every moment there are “empty niches” that you need to learn to see and use.

Something like the sale of umbrellas on a rainy day or soft drinks on the beach under the hot sun, the installation of a coffee machine in the waiting room or services for the presale preparation of a car near or in the car market. All these examples find their place in the chain where they will be really useful, convenient and necessary.

My entrepreneurial activity began on the same principle. I noticed one trend that online stores began to appear more and more in the Instagram social network. It seemed to me that this would be the most convenient platform to start trading my product. What did I want to sell? Thermal underwear.

This was the perfect option in my city at the onset of cold weather and little competition among other stores, since I had almost no one like me. The idea is chosen, the supplier is found, the goods are in stock, all kinds of photos and product descriptions are made.

What happened next? Attracting the audience of the store. I needed to find and attract potential buyers. Before me was the question – who wants to buy my product?

Mostly I advertised my store in sports communities, sports thematic forums (football, snowboard, skis and other outdoor sports). There is a lot of information in the online store about attracting an audience in the online store, you should not write about it now.

The biggest problem at that time for me was that I did not have a place to sell / a store / shop where a person could look or try on my goods. From my warehouse I sent parcels with thermal underwear to the customer by courier service.

The dimensions could not be approached, or the merchandise was with the marriage, and I was constantly harassed by the return or exchange of the goods – in general it came in a decent amount for me. [19659011] It is useful: what business to run on the Internet – we study online options.

It was decided by all renting a regular office and re-profiling it into a store. Since the main stream of buyers was coming from the Internet, the location of the store in a shopping center or in a crowded place did not play a big role for me.

Business developed, subscribers grew, sales too.

Slowly I expanded the range, added other sports goods and supplies. So far it has gone on an income of 100.000 rubles / month clean. And “rested in the wall”: whatever I do, there is no growth. I want to develop further.

I wish everyone to come up with and realize a business idea and find their place in the market of sales and services.

Credit in the Bank and refinancing in Rosselkhozbank – an example of profitable on-lending

Editor: we get a lot of questions and stories on the subject of refinancing, today a publication about the quite successful experience of one of the readers.

I missed a car, and I did not want to contact the auto loan. He applied to the Bank of Moscow because he already had his debit card and hoped that I would make concessions.

Indeed, I was given a one percent discount on my loan, saying it was a special program. Approved the application for 250 thousand on the same day.

But it was necessary to insure the received amount for 50 thousand. And this amount was included in the main debt. Satisfied, I received money at my own expense.

But after a couple of months he began to worry. Despite the relatively high monthly payments (6467 ), the main debt remained virtually unchanged.

I applied to the bank and explained to me that I have annuity payments, and under such a scheme, first interest is paid off, and then the principal debt is damped. That I happen to have different schemes of repayment of loans, I did not even guess.

As a result, having rummaged on the Internet, I found Rosselkhozbank where it was possible to refinance my debt at 13.2 percent. Having turned this simple operation, I reduced the loan repayment period from five to three years and won about 70 thousand rubles.

Yes, I needed a certificate from work, to spend time, however, it was worth it: refinancing is a very convenient thing. If you have been paying off loans for some time without delay – try to contact one of the major banks for refinancing at a lower interest, but keep in mind that they can impose insurance that will devour all the benefits.