How to Boost Your Business with Residential Proxies

Proxies have become best friends of online businesses. They give so many opportunities to successfully manage, thoroughly collect the needed data, avoid blocking and a bunch of other things.

Acting like an intermediate proxy meets your request to a resource halfway and changes your IP. The destination site sees only the new address given by proxy. You can find reliable residential proxies here.

How Proxies Influence Business Processes

Special bots can be very helpful in data collection. They do not harm anyone, but bring valuable information for businesses. However, there are lots of maleficent people who use bots with bad intentions. Websites and platforms constantly check and ban suspicious accounts.

For example, you can do nothing bad, but mass-following from the same IP. Such repeated actions can be recognized as suspicious and special authorities can block your account. However, if you use residential proxies, there is nothing to worry about.

Residential proxies make your connection more stable and can even boost speed sometimes.

On one hand with the help of proxies you can restrict access to certain resources so that your workers spent working hours properly.

On the other hand, you can receive access to the resources that are restricted in your area.

All your actions online will be anonymous because proxies mask your real IP. Nobody will be able to track you or steal any important data.

Proxies allow market monitoring and analysis. Your rivals will not be able to hide information you need. Gathering data you will not be afraid of getting blocked.

Structuring Proxy Usage

Proxy usage should become your every-day fellow traveler on the Web. There are different kinds of proxies, but residential proxies are suitable for everyone.

Web crawlers need to gather data from the rivaling companies. Proxies help to do this anonymously. You will know their prices and will be able to monitor any changes in them.

Marketers need proxies to successfully fulfill various promotions and place advertisements. Ad verification will become safe and comfortable with residential proxies.

SEO specialists benefit from scraping with proxies. They also receive an opportunity to check the search engine in any land with proxies.

OnlineSIM Advantages

Get acquainted with OnlineSIM right here. OnlineSIM is a residential proxy service offering more than 60 million proxies from more than 100 countries. It promises 99% of cases without blocking and CAPTCHA. You can either pay for gigabytes or use unlimited traffic. Besides, you can have a trial.

Long-term loans on the card from the first time up to 50 thousand

Where do they give long-term loans to the card from the first time up to 50 thousand?

Microloan If it so happens that you need a small loan within 50 thousand rubles, and it is not possible to get it anywhere else, except in a microfinance organization, there are some tips on how to do it relatively painlessly and quickly.

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Select an organization in advance and search for its website on the Internet. Now every small organization has its own page, this is already the first proof that the organization exists in reality.

Check the MFI if it is on the public register.

Collect feedback on the company. It’s good if someone you know has recently applied for a loan there and had a positive experience. You can also look for reviews on the net.

Call the company and ask for a sample contract, and study it yourself in a calm home environment where no one will rush you. Carefully study the percentage (it may be indicated per day or week and may not seem very high at first), additional costs, late fees.

It is advisable to compare several offers, according to the parameters indicated above, to find the optimal solution.

Since MFOs are commercial organizations, it is possible that they offer some kind of discounts – to retirees, when they first apply or, on the contrary, when they are repeated, etc. Feel free to ask the manager about it.

Some of the fastest microloans are bank card or e-wallet loans. Here you also need to study all the additional commissions and card servicing amounts.

Since interest is calculated every day, try to pay off the debt as soon as possible.

Google is blocking unofficial versions of Google from downloading …

Owners of a number of Pixel models complain about problems with installing Google Camera and Google Recorder from third-party sources

The Google Camera application is, perhaps the greatest value of the Google Pixel smartphones. But due to limitations in Android 11, not everyone can install Google Camera 8.0 on their smartphones without problems. The installation of the new version of Google Recorder is also blocked.

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Last October, the Google Pixel 5 was released, which features Google Camera 8.0 and Google Recorder 2.0 … Naturally, there were enthusiasts who began to distribute files for installing software. When users of older Pixel models tried to download unofficial updates, they ran into a problem. Not everyone showed it, some still managed to install the software. But there were quite a few people who could not download the update correctly and had to roll back to factory settings in order to subsequently install Google Camera and Google Recorder.

 Google is blocking the download of unofficial versions of Google Camera and Google Recorder - photo 1

Initially, many attributed everything to errors in updates, but now there are facts that Google is deliberately blocking the installation of Google Camera and Google Recorder from third-party sources by installing a special API for this in Android 11. The search giant itself does not comment on the restrictions imposed on installing photos from unofficial sources. Among the reasons for this step are the improvement of security and prevention of unauthorized distribution of software.

How to buy cryptocurrency bitcoin: step by step instructions

Bitcoin popularity  – and other coins continues to grow. Next, the number of people willing to invest in digital assets is increasing. However, the new financial instrument is not like traditional money, so potential buyers have many questions and difficulties. Complicated instructions, conflicting opinions are just a few of the problems that a newbie may face. Here’s how to get around all the pitfalls and buy bitcoin with credit card no verification.

Step №1 – Determine the purpose of the purchase

Cryptocurrency can be purchased for day-to-day expenses, long-term investments, trading on the exchange, or in parallel to use it for different purposes. Further actions depend on the scenario, including the choice of a wallet for storing and carrying out transactions with assets.

Step №2 – Select and register a wallet

A wallet is a program, service or device with a digital address, where crypto assets are stored, as in a bank account.

Each cryptocurrency wallet has its own public address. It is a complex combination of letters and numbers that is created at the time of registration. To send bitcoins from one wallet to another, it is enough to indicate the recipient’s public address when transferring. One person can have as many cryptocurrency wallets as they want.

Bitcoin wallet address example

Cold wallets are suitable for long-term storage of cryptocurrencies. They are represented by physical devices similar to a USB flash drive. To carry out transactions through “cold” wallets, you need an Internet connection. The rest of the time, the assets are stored offline, which means that hackers cannot access them.

An example of a cold wallet is Trezor One White. Its cost is 48.76 EUR (price at the beginning of October 2020). On the market, you can find more expensive and budget models.

Hot mobile clients are suitable for day-to-day operations with BTC. They are represented by applications for working on devices connected to the Internet. The security level of such wallets is lower than that of “cold” ones, but the speed of transactions and ease of use are higher. An example of a hot wallet is Mycelium.

Another option is a free exchange wallet. The security of an option depends on the trading platform: its technical solutions and capabilities. You can get it when registering on the exchange. For example, on Russified Binance.

There is a SAFU fund on the platform. In case of theft of user funds, losses are reimbursed by default from the reserves accumulated in it. The exchange has already reached out to SAFU after hackers stole 7,000 BTC from Binance accounts in May 2019.

Step №3 – Choosing a way to buy BTC

There are several ways to buy bitcoin. Each of them has its own characteristics. We will analyze the most popular options.

Through the exchanger

Cryptocurrency exchange allows users to quickly get the type of currency they want. The principle of operation of a crypto exchange is the same as in exchange offices, only everything happens much faster and online. With the accelerated development of modern technologies and Internet business, the number of exchangers on the Internet is rapidly increasing, which sometimes misleads users. After all, each of them offers its own rate, sometimes even hidden fees, for some it is overestimated, in others it is specially underestimated – it is very difficult to choose the most suitable service for yourself. That is why you should pay attention to the BestChange company, which is a service that allows you not only to make payments in cryptocurrency, but also to exchange it. This became possible thanks to the crypto exchanger, which charges a minimum commission for the exchange.. You can find a suitable offer on the popular service for monitoring exchange offices – BestChange. In the “list” section, you need to choose how you will pay and what cryptocurrency you want to buy. The service will offer the most profitable options at the time of the search.

Interface BestChange

On BestChange you can find offers for buying bitcoins from bank cards, wallets of electronic payment systems, through money transfers and even cash, to order click here. Operations are carried out on exchangers.

To buy the required cryptocurrency, you need to choose to click on the offer you are interested in.

Interface BestChange

After going to the exchanger, follow the site’s recommendations. The stages of buying a cryptocurrency may differ depending on the chosen payment method and platform rules. Verification is often not required to complete the transaction. As a result, exchangers have become one of the express options for purchasing cryptocurrencies.

Through the exchange

Take “” as an example. The first stage is registration.

Binance exchange interface

This will require:

  • enter your email address;
  • come up with a password;
  • read and agree to the Binance rules of operation;
  • enter the confirmation code from the letter sent to the specified e-mail.

To get started on Binance, you need to pass an identity check. To do this, you need to enter:

  • Date of birth.
  • Full residential address.

Binance isn’t the only exchange option for buying bitcoins. When choosing from other platforms, we advise you to pay attention to the following points:

  • The high anonymity of the sites negatively affects the level of their security. Verified exchanges that operate in accordance with regulatory rules are a less risky option.
  • It is worth choosing time-tested platforms with a large crypto community.
  • Before registering, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules of the site, its commissions and functionality.

The stages of buying cryptocurrency through different exchanges may vary depending on the rules of the site.

Buying cryptocurrency from hands

On the Internet, you can find offers for the sale of cryptocurrency without intermediaries – “from hand to hand.” The transaction will save on commissions of intermediaries and save time. The security of buying cryptocurrency from hands depends on the conditions. Including – from the presence of a verified guarantor.

Why invest in bitcoin

Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency. Unlike traditional money, BTC is a completely decentralized financial instrument. None of the regulators in the world can directly influence the issue, circulation and distribution of coins.

Fiat’s value largely depends on the actions of the central bank. The regulator can print new money in unlimited quantities. An increase in the volume of the national currency in the market leads to its depreciation. The more offers, the lower the demand.

Unlike fiat, the maximum number of bitcoins is capped at 21 million BTC. Every 4 years, the network adjusts the release rate of new coins. This is how the system lowers bitcoin inflation.


There are many options to buy your first cryptocurrency. Buying on a verified exchange through a verified account will take longer, but will provide security. Transactions through exchangers and online sellers are more risky options with their own advantages. To other conclusions:

  • Cryptocurrency can be kept in different wallets.
  • Due to the lengthy verification of the account, several days may pass between the decision to purchase bitcoin and the moment of purchase.
  • One person can register an unlimited number of wallets.

Bookmark this article to always have full instructions at hand.

What high pressure washer to buy: from advice on choosing to review brands High pressure washers

A high-pressure cleaner is an indispensable device: it can be used to clean anything — a garage or a utility room, a car that has just returned from a raid off-road, or a courtyard of a backyard.

And some use this unit even for garden work or carpet cleaning!

High pressure washing is a good investment that will allow you to save on car washes for many years and save time when cleaning non-residential buildings.

A good high pressure washer is …

To choose a high-quality high-pressure washer that will meet your expectations, you need to start to figure out what kind of device it is and what details it consists of. In fact, a high pressure washer is not a very complicated unit. Its main elements are a motor, a pump that supplies water, a hose with a washing nozzle, a housing and a cable.

The motor is the heart of a high-pressure car wash, the capabilities of the device depend on its quality and power. Usually high pressure washer is equipped with an electric motor. It is extremely important that he has protection against voltage surges, otherwise he will not last for a long time.


The element responsible for the flow of water and its pressure. Water with water pressure enters the hose, which ends with a nozzle. Nozzle changes the configuration of the water flow, it is necessary for different types of work – actually washing, applying foam or removing the old thick layer of dirt. High pressure washers vary significantly in their characteristics. At what points should pay attention to choosing such a device?

Washing class

First you need to decide which model you want to buy – domestic or professional. Household equipment is suitable for work on the plot, washing the car and the facade of the house, garden tools, etc. Such sinks are compact, designed for light loads – up to 1.5 hours per day, and their power is rarely above 1.5 kW. Professional units with a capacity of up to 3 kW buy various service stations. Such car washes are at work in public utilities. The devices are sometimes equipped with a gasoline engine.

Hose length

Special attention should be paid to this characteristic, since the convenience of working with the unit depends on the length of the hose. For washing the car there is enough hose up to 4 meters long, but if you need washing for garden work and washing the facade of a country house, choose models with a longer hose – at least 7 meters.


This indicator determines the force of water pressure. The higher it is, the better the quality of cleaning. 70–100 bar is enough for domestic needs. By the way, good sinks, as a rule, have a pressure adjustment function.


This indicator indicates water consumption. High pressure washers for domestic use usually spend 350-400 liters per hour. Professional models – 2-3 times more.


Complete with high pressure washers usually comes with a set of nozzles designed for different purposes. A fan nozzle widely disperses water, it is suitable for washing large and not very polluted objects – walls or garden paths, with its help it is convenient to wash off the foam from the car. For very strong contamination using rotary nozzles, washing off dirt by contact, and mud mills. Sometimes the manufacturer also adds a pipe cleaning nozzle to this kit.

It is interesting

The first experiments on the creation of high-pressure washers began to be conducted in the 1930s, but then these devices were cumbersome and ineffective. The modern shape of the high pressure washer only acquired in the 1950s.

Overview of manufacturers and models

In order not to risk buying a “cat in a bag,” when choosing a high-pressure washer, be guided not so much by price as by brand. In this case, the brand is not just a logo on the case – it is a serious approach to quality control, unique engineering solutions and high-quality materials and components.


The first and best German company Karcher was the first manufacturer of high pressure washers. Today, the company has a range of low-power sinks for domestic use, medium-sized car washes and professional models. Distinctive features of Karcher sinks are high-precision mechanics and the possibility of programming. It should be noted that even in household models there are many professional elements, for example foam generators and brushes for removing old dirt.

Karcher high-pressure washers have earned popularity and a good reputation due to durable and reliable pumps, ergonomic design and concise basic equipment. The disadvantages are not the lowest price, and the maximum pressure of these household sinks is not particularly high, however, it is still enough for everyday needs. Karcher K2 with an 8-meter hose and an additional mud mill in the kit is one of the most popular models of household sinks in the line and always positive.


Silver medal of quality. If Karcher is “number one” in the world of washing equipment, then Bosch is its closest competitor. In a sense, Bosch high pressure washers are even better – they are a bit cheaper. However, in quality they are not inferior to Karcher. Bosch sinks are characterized by high performance, convenience, ergonomics (in this indicator, they even surpass direct competitors). The only thing you can blame them for is the high level of noise.

Belgium Consumer Confidence Index Falls Fourth Month in a Row

According to a survey of the National Bank of Belgium published on Wednesday, consumer confidence in Belgium weakened for the fourth consecutive month in February, which was caused by a sharp deterioration in household expectations for savings.
Consumer Confidence fell to -7 from -6 in January. The decline has been observed since November.
An indicator reflecting household expectations for savings over the next twelve months, declined from -3 to -8.
Household opinion on the unemployment situation also deteriorated next year, and the index rose from 5 to 6.
Consumers were a little less pessimistic about the future economic situation in the country, and the corresponding index rose from -13 to -12.
The index, reflecting expectations regarding their future financial position, has not changed and amounted to -3.

US retail sales unexpectedly sharply lower in December

US retail sales unexpectedly showed a significant decline in the month of December, according to official data published with a delay due to the government’s suspension. p>

The US Department of Commerce reported that retail sales declined 1.2 percent in December, after a revised increase of 0.1 percent in November. p>

Economists had expected retail sales to grow by 0.2 percent, which corresponds to an increase in the primary estimate for the previous month. R>

An unexpected decline in retail sales occurred, despite a noticeable increase in sales of vehicles and parts by dealers. These sales rose 1.0 percent in December, after rising 0.7 percent in November. p>

Excluding the surge in car sales, retail sales fell another 1.8% in December after they did not change in November. It was expected that sales excluding cars will grow by 0.1 percent. P>

Gasoline sales contributed to lower retail sales amid falling fuel prices, falling 5.1 percent in December, after falling 4.4 percent in November. p>

Baseline sales figures were also worrisome, as a carefully observed base figure for retail sales without cars, gasoline, building materials and catering services fell 1.7 percent in December after a revised upward 1.0 percent In November. p>

Sales in stores of sporting goods, hobby goods, music and bookstores, retail stores and department stores showed a significant decline during the month. p>

“Perhaps the monthly fluctuations are related to seasonal adjustment problems, but the situation is obvious that at the end of 2018 there was a certain weakening in consumer activity,” said Michael Pierce, a senior economist at Capital Economics. p>

The Department of Commerce reported that the annual growth rate of retail sales slowed sharply to 2.3 percent in December, compared to 4.1 percent in November. p>

The annual growth rate of sales excluding cars also slowed to 2.0 percent in December, compared to 4.7 percent in the previous month. p>

Check Point: SpeakUp backdoor has become one of the most active threats in January

Researchers at Check Point published the traditional report Global Threat Impact Index for January 2019. Experts warned that SpeakUp, a backdoor trojan now spreading mining malware, was one of the most active threats of the past month.

Let me remind you that SpeakUp attacks are mainly aimed at servers in East Asia and Latin America, including machines hosted on AWS. At the same time, malware can be dangerous not only for six Linux distributions, but also for devices on macOS.

Earlier, Check Point analysts have already written that malware comes with a built-in Python script that is used to spread the infection in the local network. The script scans the local network and searches for open ports, brute-force “neighboring” systems using a previously prepared list of logins and passwords, and then tries to use one of seven exploits from its arsenal against them.

Currently, the hack group using SpeakUp, applies backdoor to install mining Malvari on infected servers. In this way, hackers get Monero cryptocurrency. However, malware can deliver any payload and run it on compromised machines, which is why Check Point researchers consider Speakup as a serious threat.

Besides SpeakUp, in January, the first four lines of the ranking of the most active malware programs have traditionally been taken by cryptocurrency miners. Coinhive remains the main malware that has attacked 12% of organizations worldwide. XMRig again became the second most common malware (8%), followed by the miner Cryptoloot (6%).

Despite the fact that the January report presents four miners, half of all malicious forms from the top ten can be used to download additional malicious Software on infected machines.

“In January, there were small changes in the forms of malware targeted at organizations around the world, but we are finding new ways to spread malware. Such threats are a serious warning of future threats. Backdoors, such as Speakup, can avoid detection and then spread potentially dangerous malware to infected machines. Since Linux is widely used on corporate servers, we expect Speakup to become a threat to many companies, the scale and seriousness of which will grow during the year, ”comments Vasily Dyagilev, head of the representative office of Check Point Software Technologies in Russia and the CIS. – In addition, for the second month in a row, BadRabbit is in the top three most active malicious programs in Russia. So attackers exploit all possible vulnerabilities to make a profit. ”

The most active threats in January 2019:

  • Coinhive (12%) is a miner using the power of the victim’s CPU or video card and other resources for cryptocurrency mining.
  • M XMRig (8%)open source software, first discovered in May 2017, is embedded JavaScript uses a large amount of computing resources of end-user computers for mining. Used for mining cryptocurrency Monero;
  • Cryptoloot (6%) – a miner using the power of the victim’s CPU or video card and other resources for mining cryptocurrency.

As for mobile threats, here Hiddad, a modular Android backdoor, which provides the privileges of downloadable Malvari, replaced Triada in the first place. Lotoor ranked second, while Triada Trojan went down to third place.

The most active mobile threats in January 2019:

  • Hiddad is a modular backdoor for Android, which grants the rights to the superuser of the loaded malware, and also helps
  • Lotoor – uses vulnerabilities in the Android operating system to gain privileged root access on hacked mobile devices;
  • Triada – a modular Android Trojan that provides root privileges for behind loaded Malvari, and also helps to introduce it into system processes.

Check Point analysts’ conclusions were commented by Alexei Malnev, the head of the incident monitoring and response center at Jet Jet CSIRT of Jet Infosystems:

“Unlike most modern threats, SpeakUP Trojan is delivered via the communication channel and to Linux servers. Usually, attackers use email for these purposes, and threats, as a rule, target Microsoft Windows platforms.

Not surprisingly, most known anti-virus programs are not yet able to detect the threat. The reason is that 75% of successful attacks are implemented using 0-day vulnerabilities, which are designed to overcome known signature-based protection. You can detect such threats with the help of Web Application Firewall monitoring systems: for example, they allow you to detect any downloads of the shellcode. It is also useful to use a complex of behavioral analysis systems — they can be used to detect anomalies in network traffic, user behavior, and running processes. If an infection has occurred, then the monitoring of information security incidents will help. With it, you can detect malicious activity at the stage of horizontal distribution in the infrastructure – until the final realization of the threat. ”

Frank showed mixed trading in anticipation of the release of data on producer prices and import prices in Switzerland

On Thursday at 2:30 am ET, data on producer prices and import prices in Switzerland are expected to be released in January. On the eve of the publication of these data, the franc showed a mixed trade in relation to its main competitors. While the franc rose against the yen and the US dollar, it fell against the euro and the pound.
As of 2:25 am ET, the franc was trading at 110.18 against the yen, 1.1377 against the euro, 1.0083 against the US dollar and 1.2976 against the pound.

Retail sales growth in the Netherlands reached a 7-month high

Retail sales in the Netherlands increased the most in seven months during November, mainly due to non-food sales, as evidenced by data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, published on Tuesday.
Retail sales rose 4.1 percent over the same period last year, after rising 3.3 percent in October.
Growth rates were the fastest since April, when sales increased by 5.8 percent.
Food sales increased by 2.5 percent, while sales of non-food items increased by 3.8 percent, mainly due to increased demand for consumer electronics, footwear and leather goods.
Sales of goods via the Internet increased by almost 20 percent in November.