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Long-term loans on the card from the first time up to 50 thousand

Where do they give long-term loans to the card from the first time up to 50 thousand?

Microloan If it so happens that you need a small loan within 50 thousand rubles, and it is not possible to get it anywhere else, except in a microfinance organization, there are some tips on how to do it relatively painlessly and quickly.

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Select an organization in advance and search for its website on the Internet. Now every small organization has its own page, this is already the first proof that the organization exists in reality.

Check the MFI if it is on the public register.

Collect feedback on the company. It’s good if someone you know has recently applied for a loan there and had a positive experience. You can also look for reviews on the net.

Call the company and ask for a sample contract, and study it yourself in a calm home environment where no one will rush you. Carefully study the percentage (it may be indicated per day or week and may not seem very high at first), additional costs, late fees.

It is advisable to compare several offers, according to the parameters indicated above, to find the optimal solution.

Since MFOs are commercial organizations, it is possible that they offer some kind of discounts – to retirees, when they first apply or, on the contrary, when they are repeated, etc. Feel free to ask the manager about it.

Some of the fastest microloans are bank card or e-wallet loans. Here you also need to study all the additional commissions and card servicing amounts.

Since interest is calculated every day, try to pay off the debt as soon as possible.