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Google is blocking unofficial versions of Google from downloading …

Owners of a number of Pixel models complain about problems with installing Google Camera and Google Recorder from third-party sources

The Google Camera application is, perhaps the greatest value of the Google Pixel smartphones. But due to limitations in Android 11, not everyone can install Google Camera 8.0 on their smartphones without problems. The installation of the new version of Google Recorder is also blocked.

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Last October, the Google Pixel 5 was released, which features Google Camera 8.0 and Google Recorder 2.0 … Naturally, there were enthusiasts who began to distribute files for installing software. When users of older Pixel models tried to download unofficial updates, they ran into a problem. Not everyone showed it, some still managed to install the software. But there were quite a few people who could not download the update correctly and had to roll back to factory settings in order to subsequently install Google Camera and Google Recorder.

 Google is blocking the download of unofficial versions of Google Camera and Google Recorder - photo 1

Initially, many attributed everything to errors in updates, but now there are facts that Google is deliberately blocking the installation of Google Camera and Google Recorder from third-party sources by installing a special API for this in Android 11. The search giant itself does not comment on the restrictions imposed on installing photos from unofficial sources. Among the reasons for this step are the improvement of security and prevention of unauthorized distribution of software.