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What high pressure washer to buy: from advice on choosing to review brands High pressure washers

A high-pressure cleaner is an indispensable device: it can be used to clean anything — a garage or a utility room, a car that has just returned from a raid off-road, or a courtyard of a backyard.

And some use this unit even for garden work or carpet cleaning!

High pressure washing is a good investment that will allow you to save on car washes for many years and save time when cleaning non-residential buildings.

A good high pressure washer is …

To choose a high-quality high-pressure washer that will meet your expectations, you need to start to figure out what kind of device it is and what details it consists of. In fact, a high pressure washer is not a very complicated unit. Its main elements are a motor, a pump that supplies water, a hose with a washing nozzle, a housing and a cable.

The motor is the heart of a high-pressure car wash, the capabilities of the device depend on its quality and power. Usually high pressure washer is equipped with an electric motor. It is extremely important that he has protection against voltage surges, otherwise he will not last for a long time.


The element responsible for the flow of water and its pressure. Water with water pressure enters the hose, which ends with a nozzle. Nozzle changes the configuration of the water flow, it is necessary for different types of work – actually washing, applying foam or removing the old thick layer of dirt. High pressure washers vary significantly in their characteristics. At what points should pay attention to choosing such a device?

Washing class

First you need to decide which model you want to buy – domestic or professional. Household equipment is suitable for work on the plot, washing the car and the facade of the house, garden tools, etc. Such sinks are compact, designed for light loads – up to 1.5 hours per day, and their power is rarely above 1.5 kW. Professional units with a capacity of up to 3 kW buy various service stations. Such car washes are at work in public utilities. The devices are sometimes equipped with a gasoline engine.

Hose length

Special attention should be paid to this characteristic, since the convenience of working with the unit depends on the length of the hose. For washing the car there is enough hose up to 4 meters long, but if you need washing for garden work and washing the facade of a country house, choose models with a longer hose – at least 7 meters.


This indicator determines the force of water pressure. The higher it is, the better the quality of cleaning. 70–100 bar is enough for domestic needs. By the way, good sinks, as a rule, have a pressure adjustment function.


This indicator indicates water consumption. High pressure washers for domestic use usually spend 350-400 liters per hour. Professional models – 2-3 times more.


Complete with high pressure washers usually comes with a set of nozzles designed for different purposes. A fan nozzle widely disperses water, it is suitable for washing large and not very polluted objects – walls or garden paths, with its help it is convenient to wash off the foam from the car. For very strong contamination using rotary nozzles, washing off dirt by contact, and mud mills. Sometimes the manufacturer also adds a pipe cleaning nozzle to this kit.

It is interesting

The first experiments on the creation of high-pressure washers began to be conducted in the 1930s, but then these devices were cumbersome and ineffective. The modern shape of the high pressure washer only acquired in the 1950s.

Overview of manufacturers and models

In order not to risk buying a “cat in a bag,” when choosing a high-pressure washer, be guided not so much by price as by brand. In this case, the brand is not just a logo on the case – it is a serious approach to quality control, unique engineering solutions and high-quality materials and components.


The first and best German company Karcher was the first manufacturer of high pressure washers. Today, the company has a range of low-power sinks for domestic use, medium-sized car washes and professional models. Distinctive features of Karcher sinks are high-precision mechanics and the possibility of programming. It should be noted that even in household models there are many professional elements, for example foam generators and brushes for removing old dirt.

Karcher high-pressure washers have earned popularity and a good reputation due to durable and reliable pumps, ergonomic design and concise basic equipment. The disadvantages are not the lowest price, and the maximum pressure of these household sinks is not particularly high, however, it is still enough for everyday needs. Karcher K2 with an 8-meter hose and an additional mud mill in the kit is one of the most popular models of household sinks in the line and always positive.


Silver medal of quality. If Karcher is “number one” in the world of washing equipment, then Bosch is its closest competitor. In a sense, Bosch high pressure washers are even better – they are a bit cheaper. However, in quality they are not inferior to Karcher. Bosch sinks are characterized by high performance, convenience, ergonomics (in this indicator, they even surpass direct competitors). The only thing you can blame them for is the high level of noise.