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USA: Consumer prices have not changed against the background of a sharp decline in the cost of gas

According to a US Department of Labor report released Wednesday, consumer prices did not change in November, as the sharp fall in gasoline prices was offset by higher prices for other products.

The consumer price index in November did not change after rising 0.3 percent in October, which coincided with economists' forecasts.

It is reported that energy prices fell 2.2 percent in November after a 2.4 percent jump in October, as gasoline prices fell 4.2 percent in November after rising 3.0 percent in October. [19659002] According to the Ministry of Labor, the steep fall in gasoline prices was balanced by a rise in a number of price indices, including housing, as well as used cars and trucks.

With the exception of lower energy prices and a moderate increase in food prices, core inflation increased by 0.2 percent in November, Thu

The rise in core inflation reflected a rise in prices for housing, used cars and trucks, as well as an increase in prices for medical care, rest, as well as water, sewerage and garbage collection.

, The Ministry of Labor reported that prices for wireless telephone services, airline fares and vehicle insurance were down in November.

On a year-on-year basis, consumer price growth slowed from 2.5 percent in October to 2.2 percent in November , while annual core inflation accelerated from 2.1 percent to 2.2 percent.

Commenting on the growth of core inflation, Andrew Hunter, an economist at Capital Economics, said that a further increase is unlikely.

“The recent easing of core inflation does not hurt The Fed will again raise interest rates next week, moreover, given the likelihood of economic growth above forecasts in the near future, we expect another two rate increases of 25 basis points in the first half of next year, ”Hunter said.

“ However, asset growth spine will begin to slow down more sharply, the Fed may well remain on the sidelines, "he added.

The Ministry of Labor published a separate report on Tuesday, which unexpectedly showed a slight increase in producer prices in November.

The producer price index for finished products rose by 0 , 1 percent in November after rising 0.6 percent in October. Economists had expected prices to remain unchanged.

Excluding food and energy prices, producer base prices rose 0.3 percent in November after rising 0.5 percent in October. It was expected that the base prices will rise by 0.1 percent.

Despite a slight increase in the indicator on a monthly basis, the report reflected a significant decline in producer price growth on an annualized basis from 2.9 percent in October to 2.5 percent in November, the minimum level for 11 months.

On the other hand, the annual increase in basic producer prices accelerated from 2.6 percent in October to 2.7 percent in November.