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WWW: termtosvg – utility to record what is happening in the terminal in the form of SVG

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Suppose you want to record everything you do in the terminal. How to organize it? You can record a video – it will take a lot, and if you upload it to a video hosting service, it will mercilessly compress the video. Another option is to use a wonderful service, which we have already written about, but if you want to insert videos without any plug-ins, your choice is the termtosvg utility.

First of all, install it (you should have Python 3):

 pip3 inst all --user termtosvg 

The pyte and lxml libraries will also be installed if they are not in the system.

Now we run the utility itself, typing termtosvg The recording starts and continues until you write exit . The resulting animation file will go to the / var / folder by default, but at startup you can specify the desired path and name

. You can also specify the window size by adding the key -g for example -g 82x18 . Or set a more interesting color scheme using the -t key. Choose from seven ready-made options to help gallery with examples. You can find out how to convert from cast to SVG in the manual.

To play the resulting video, just write termtosvg <название файла> or simply open it in the browser.