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WWW: Termgraph – console utility for drawing graphs

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If you want to become a true Unix command-line wizard, do not rush to allocate data output by any console command and send them to Excel or OpenOffice Calc for conversion into diagrams, because there is a way to do this, without leaving the terminal!

Termgraph is a simple utility written in Python that accepts input files with data separated by a tab character, and draws histograms from the symbols of the pseudographics (or, on You can choose from horizontal or vertical orientation, assign colors, draw stacked charts, and create calendars with heat maps by day.

Termgraph will need Python 3 and library colorama.Using is extremely simple: you run a termgraph and you pass either the name of the data file or the data itself into the standard input. Colors are assigned using the color parameter, for example termgraph data / ex4.dat --color {blue, red} . By the way, how to generate the data, you can see in the examples from the folder data.