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10 sci-fi comics for those who do not read comics and do not like superheroes

The Private Eye

  • Saga
  • The Black Eye
  • The Secret Eye
  • The Manhattan Projects
  • Doktor Sleepless
  • Paper Girls
  • A little parting word

While comic book movies beat all possible records box office, the comics themselves remain for many an unknown culture, to which it is difficult to approach. Infinite series about superheroes, where you can not find either the beginning or the end but we only strengthen this reputation.We picked up a dozen comics series that are intended for the adult audience, do not contain people in colored leotards, have the structure of a finished work and can even be remotely regarded as science fiction.


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I tried to lower the absolutely obvious recommendation to read “Guardians» (The Watchmen) and V for Vendetta – with netlenkoy Alan Moore you have probably come across. However, we can not do without the classics, so start with the old and time-tested recommendations, and then gradually move on to a new and experimental.


Surely somewhere in the vastness of the Internet you already came across the image of a bald man in strange red-green glasses and with a tattoo of a spider on his head. Usually he grasps a cigarette in his teeth and looks at us with a devilish squint. So here’s the name of this fellow Spider Jerusalem, and he works as a journalist in the city of the future, which in the comic is called simply the City.

While the Transmetropolitan is far from new (the first release dates back to 1997, the last is 2002), it’s not at all 19659029] For example, on the first pages we find a reasonable 3D printer that has downloaded some digital drugs from somewhere and, having slightly crammed it, printed for Spider famous glasses . By the way, he himself is not alien to substances – otherwise what is his follower Hunter Thompson?

And let the bright colors do not baffle you: The city is a real anti-utopia. Three-eyed mutant cats rush along the trash cans, neon showcases advertise sexual pleasures with the participation of dolls from the “Mappet-show,” street children gnaw human-grown limbs grown in vitro, and so on and so forth.

After settling on the roof of the strip club, Spider fights for the last bits of truth, justice and human dignity: he scribbles a column where, without being embarrassed by the expressions, he takes to the clean water corrupt politicians. In general, what might not like here?

The Invisibles

It is even a bit strange to advise The Invisibles – this a famous work that left a trace in the history of comics, comparable to the “Keepers”. It is also pointless to retell the plot: acid visions and references to pop culture, as well as the adventures of a team of extremely unordinary personalities who are waging a war for the freedom of the human consciousness with a mysterious Outer Church – all this is much better studied in the original source.

You can ask , what mystic does in our list. The Invisibles here rather because of the subject of rebellion and counterculture. However, this comic can be considered a fantasy – simply in a broad sense and without direct connections with technology.

Y: The Last Man

И again a modern classic. Y: The Last Man began to be published in 2002, and ended in 2008. On the pages of this comic book, you will find a story about how the virus destroyed all male and male animals on earth, except for the main character Yorick and his hand-held monkey Ampersand.

Yorik, instead of becoming the main source of genetic material, carefully disguises and crosses America to get to the causes of infection, find their beloved and (where without it) to save humanity.

Dialogues continually unobtrusively turn to discuss gender inequality and gender stereotypes, but Y: The Last Man is unlikely to tire you m oral. Adventures with shooting, fights and frivolous disguises, post-apocalypse as a picturesque background, unobtrusive humor, bright characters and in general a very life-affirming mood help swallow all 60 issues in a few days. So beforehand, select this weekend or part of the vacation, or you can accidentally fall out of life.