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Central Bank of South Korea retained the key stake

On Friday, the Central Bank of South Korea retained a key stake for the fifth consecutive meeting, as expected. The Council for Monetary Policy of the Bank of Korea decided to leave the base rate unchanged at 1.50 percent. The last time the bank raised the rate in November.

"Looking ahead, the Council will pursue monetary policy to ensure the stabilization of economic growth, and inflation of consumer prices can be stabilized at the target level in the medium term, paying attention to financial stability," – the bank said in a statement.

Politicians noted that they will judge whether it is necessary to adapt their accentuating position of monetary policy, while carefully checking future economic growth and inflation trend.

The Board also reported that it will monitor the conditions associated with trade with major countries, any changes in the monetary policy of the main countries, the trend of increasing household debt and geopolitical risks.

The Bank expects inflation , remaining in the range 0-1% for some time, will rise and gradually approach the target level.