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The championship of retro games on the original consoles will be held at the festival Geek Picnic

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In August 2018 the largest annual popular science festival dedicated to modern technologies, science and art will be held in Moscow and St. Petersburg. The main theme of the festival will be HUMAN EVOLUTION. Speakers of the festival will talk about the future of mankind, technological utopia and anti-utopia, civil rights of cyborgs, technoethics and dilemmas related to the development of artificial intelligence, future cities, digital immortality, colonization of Mars and the Moon, sex in the distance and many other things.

Dates and venue

  • Moscow: August 11-12, 2018, Kolomenskoye
  • St. Petersburg: August 18-19, 2018, Elagin Island


In the lecture halls of the festival the brightest Russians will perform and foreign speakers. Unlike last years, when the festival had only one headliner in every city, this time Geek Picnic will gather a whole galaxy of star scientists, futurists and popularizers of science, among them:

  • Lisa Randall a specialist in elementary physics particle theory, string theory and cosmology, the first woman to receive the post of theoretical physicist at MIT and Harvard (in 2007 Lisa Randall was included in the list of 100 most influential people of the year according to Time magazine);
  • Michael Shermer American historian and popularizer of science, the foundation
  • writer James Barrath author of "The Last Invented Mankind", included in the top list of books that influenced Ilona Mask
  • Seth Stevens-Davidovitz , the author of the best-selling book "All the Lie," Data Scientist and columnist for The New York Times.


The program of the festival will consist of several thematic tracks: biotechnology, artificial intelligence and technology, space, block and crypto, science art and others . Within each track there will be lectures from well-known scientists and heated debates about the future of mankind, large-scale art objects in the style of retrofuturism and interactive installations will be presented.

The participants of the festival also have a large space of summer entertainments: a blaster-battle, an exhibition of technoobjects, a VR zone, a science fiction zone, a comic alley, old-school video games, steampunk zones and, of course, cosplay shows. For the first time at the festival there will be a number of special zones that will interest IT professionals, including a closed recreation area for IT people only – "Decompilation."

Retroigram Championship

A special zone of old computers and video games will be organized at the festival. Playing the legendary Rock-n-Roll Racing, River Raid, Battle City and other games on old consoles and computers will be available in the Oldschool Games area organized by the RetroTech Squad team.

The participants will compete in the Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 championship at Sega Megadrive . You can come with your pads. The tournament will be held on the double elimination system, when the players are eliminated after two defeats. Winners will not only be able to impress all those who have gathered with intricate combos, but they will also receive a prize from the organizers – a pad from 8Bitdo. Fatality!

Also at the festival will be presented consoles Nintendo, NEC and SEGA, workstations Apple, Amiga and Atari, computers ZX Spectrum, "Electronics", MSX and much more. Participants will learn what computer games were at the turn of the century, what the children of the nineties played, what consoles and platforms were left on the sidelines of history, and which ones live and develop to this day.

Each visitor will be able to play and work with the exhibits: , play, draw, write music and not only. Only concentrated nostalgia, an unforgettable experience, an opportunity to plunge into the past at the festival of the future.

The Zone of Oldschool Games will also be decorated with solo performances of the famous VGM guitarist GearX2 with a program of metal covers for soundtracks from computer games and one of the best 8bit GameGate artists whose musical performances on the Nintendo GameBoy chips unite many different styles and styles.


Follow the updates of the Geek Picnic program in Moscow and St. Petersburg, as well as purchase tickets at [19659016][1 9459013]