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XMRig CPU Miner – how to remove a virus

If you find that the computer has started to work slowly, errors or ubiquitous advertising appear – it’s time to learn the active processes to determine which one is causing the load. Recently, one of them may be XMRig CPU Miner – how to remove it, and whether it needs to be done, we’ll look further.


What is this program?

XMRig CPU Miner is a multi-platform and high-performance miner (mining algorithm) , created to facilitate the mining. This is the official software, working with the Montero crypto currency. The main advantages of the utility are:

  • a relatively low CPU load;
  • is universal for both operating system expansions (x32-x64);
  • open source laid out on GitHub;
  • auto-tuning and support for Windows and Linux.
Miner XMRig CPU miner heavily loads the system

In addition, there is a hidden viral miner, also called. Unlike the utility useful for mining, this harmful software is introduced into various applications, startup and registry. If the Trojan takes root in Windows, removing it will be problematic. Erasing part of the files and settings will not get rid of it – after the first restart of the system, the program will check its files and download them again.

Than hidden miners

XMRig viruses are embedded in trusted processes, the protection system and antiviruses will not prevent it from doing so. Hidden miners work on sites or directly on a PC. Consuming the user’s resources, the attacker converts them into real money using crypto currency. At the same time, the load on the components can be excessive, which will lead to a rapid failure of the processor, RAM and video card.

Hidden miners can be embedded on sites [19659011] If this hidden miner gets on the computer of an inexperienced user, the only way to get rid of it is to reinstall the operating system.

How to remove XMRig CPU Miner

It will be very difficult to do this – an integrated approach will be required. What should you do in the first stage? Try to remove the virus and its changes automatically. This is done with the help of antivirus utilities. There are a lot of them, but the algorithms of work are different for everyone. This means that you will need to try a few from either one at a time. To download such software it is necessary from the site – it is free.

Popular anti-virus scanners:

  • Malwarebytes Free and AdwCleaner;
  • UnHackMe;
  • Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit;
  • Dr.Web CureIt
The AdwCleaner program looks for hidden loaders well

After healing or removing the damaged items, do the following:

  1. Check in the latest installed programs the presence of the virus and delete it if it is still installed.
  2. Clear the PC from temporary files and registry errors. The CCleaner utility will help you.

Manual deletion

If these manipulations are not enough, you will have to clean the computer manually or reinstall the system. The second stage:

  1. Erase all the latest programs, through the standard Windows service.
  2. Check the startup menu (msconfig): the Service tab and Startup are interested – you need to uncheck all suspicious applications, processes and services.
  3. Activate self-repair with the command in the console sfc / scannow, and wait for the completion.

Stage three:

  1. Enter the registry (regedit). Do not forget to make a copy of the registry just in case.
  2. Calling the search box (CTRL + F), we write xmrig cpu miner or just xmrig in it.
  3. Delete all related parameters. Reboot the PC.

If this also did not work, you need to restore the system or use a rollback to a successful configuration. If some virus software files are not deleted, go through Safe Mode. In the same way, you can perform a restore if important system files were deleted during the deletion. Unfortunately, third-party programs for removing XMRig, such as Unlocker, do not always work, since the malware itself has preventive protection.

Only in the last resort will need to reinstall Vindous. On the other hand, interrupting Windu can be faster than removing the virus. To decide for you.


For the sake of fairness, it should be noted that the official version of XMRig staff defenders are classified as potentially dangerous, and Avast, for example, classifies such software as Malware.Gen. Now you know how to remove such a virus miner from a PC, and if you have any questions, write everything in the comments.