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Why does not my phone determine the number when I make an incoming call?

The problem of call recognition is faced by the owners of devices from different manufacturers and mobile platforms. If you do not define incoming numbers, then there is a possibility that you will have to try several ways. However, they are all fairly simple, especially for an advanced user. All these methods will be relevant for subscribers of different operators .


Incoming calls on the phone are not detected

Why calls are not displayed [19659006] In most cases, for subscribers with such a problem, all calling numbers are defined as “Unknown”. Contrary to the assumption of many, this happens not only through the fault of the user. List of possible reasons:

  • incorrect number format;
  • problems with flashing or updating;
  • lack of operator service – Caller ID;
  • duplicate numbers.

If the reason is set, then recovery will take a minimum of time.

Where to start

For subscribers who recently bought a number and not only, it is recommended to start by checking the list of services of the communication provider. “Caller ID” for some operators is a separate service, there is a possibility that they forgot to activate it. Look in your account on the site or download the branded application where you will learn the list of available and disabled services.

Caller ID – free service for Beeline, MTS, Tele2, Megafon. Note! Cases have become more frequent when operators turn off all services, including free ones, for subscribers who have a balance in the red. If this includes the definition of the number, then it will also be disabled, so study this moment.

It is not necessary to exclude the possibility of a rally. It is likely that one of the acquaintances bought the service of hiding the number, and tried several times to get through. From the outside it may look as if the incoming numbers are not determined, although in fact it is one person.

In any case, it will not be superfluous to call the operator and will avoid wasting time. The employee will check your services and indicate whether the caller ID is active.

Going further – sorting out the numbers

It is likely that calls from contacts starting with the number starting with code 8 will not be known or determined as phone book numbers . Write down the numbers in the new format, starting with the code +7. In some cases, gaps are required, but this is a rare occurrence.

Using the utilities, save the contact list from the card and phone and merge it, removing duplicates – this can cause system conflict. To save, use a PC, but best of all – cloud services. After that, delete the phone book numbers on the device and sim card, fill them again. If there is no problem with the Internet, you can use the cloud to store the list of contacts in it, without uploading it back to the phone.

Incoming numbers are not determined due to the smartphone

This can not be excluded from the very beginning. Priority of recommended actions.

  1. Reload the device.
  2. If updates were recently performed, roll them out, otherwise check their availability and install.
  3. Return the device to the factory settings. The corresponding item is present in the Settings menu. Please note that personal information, passwords and other data will be erased – save them.
  4. Did not help software resets – we make a hard reset via bootloader mode. You need to enter Recovery mode, where you can make the option: Wipe data / factory reset, Wipe cache partition, Dalvik cache.
  5. If this did not help, you will need a flash.

Please note! There is a possibility that the firmware is installed with an error, incorrect localization or just a custom version. If the ROM glitch manifests itself in the impossibility to determine the number, then it will be necessary to reflash the device.

More tips

  • For all kinds of dialers for Android and iOS for a while, which in the markets abound. For example, True Phone, PixelPhone or exDialer.
  • Many manufacturers release their own shells. Turn off its optimization. You can do this in the Developer menu – turn off this mode. This is the case for Xiaomi with its own MIUI.
  • Make the data erasure (cache) in the Phone application and Do it through Settings – Applications.

Let’s sum up

There are a lot of ways to fix the situation, but it all depends on the operator, the device model, the installed firmware, the shell and other factors. If the proposed methods did not help, what happens in isolated cases, and does not determine the incoming numbers completely (writes Unknown) or partially (does not associate the caller with the contact phone book) – it remains only to carry the gadget to the service center. Do not forget to contact the operator and the manufacturer beforehand.