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Time to connect to the server expired in the PSN – what to do

If you receive an alert on the PlayStation Network “The connection time with the server has expired,” and the situation is repeated many times, without letting you use the services or playing games – do not despair, there are ways to solve the problem. Alas, it’s impossible to predict which one will help in a particular case, but it will be found out in the process.

Reasons Connection failure

A connection error can occur both when working with the console (PS4, PS3) or via the PC in the PS Store. Here are the main sources of the failure:

  • problems with the Internet connection (network, cable, problems with the provider);
  • problems with the router (downed settings, fledged firmware);
  • problems with Sony services (technical nuances in server operation).

How to solve the connection error in PSN

Let’s turn to the solution. First, it’s worth trying the simplest solutions:

  • check the status of the DSS services:;
  • The failure can be massive, view the Sony group in social networks – here they can discuss the problem;
  • go to PSN through another PC, browser or device and check their accounting
  • ] restart the router – and it is better to turn off the power completely for 5-10 minutes, this method is especially relevant with a dynamic connection;
  • connects ь prefix via cable, and not Wai-Fi – you can also try out the access point via the mobile 4G;
  • insert the Internet cable directly into the console.

After each procedure it is desirable to reboot the console. We recommend you try to go through another provider, for example, having gone to friends with a prefix. Believe me, such a check can determine the source of the failure at once.

White IP

According to the owners of PlayStation, white aipishnik is a necessary service. You can connect it from the provider. The fact is that the company, after a series of DDoS-attacks, installed a strict security system. A huge amount of gray IP is banned, and entire groups of addresses can be banished.

It is quite logical that when trying to log in from a blocked subnet, various errors will emerge, including “The connection time with the server has expired.” The resulting private white Aipi will prevent many unpleasant situations in the future. The white IP service (or dedicated VPN) is provided by many providers and costs about 200-300 rubles per month.

Working with the router

If you are not familiar with the configuration of the router and are afraid that after the operations you will not be able to access the Internet at all, then write down the actions on the camera, and if something goes wrong, you can always return the original values.

Open the ports:

  1. This function is located in the section Forwarding – Virtual Servers.
  2. Click Add.
  3. We drive in the fields, indicating in the Port of Service section and Internal Port 80, in the ole IP – the IP address of your PSN, select the TCP protocol.
  4. Similarly do for the following list of ports 443, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080.
  5. Repeat the same for ports 3478 and 3479, indicating the UDP protocol.
  6. In the DNZ section, insert the IP set-top box.
  7. Restart the router and console, and then test the connection.

You can find the IPP of the PSN in the section through the list of connected DHCP clients. It is desirable to reserve the address for the set-top box in order not to repeat operations in the future.

In separate cases, this step will work only in the amount of updating the firmware of the router. Yes, the settings of your “stable” Wi-Fi can also fly.

Configuring the directly connected PSN

First, we recommend that you save the account if there is such an option. After that, delete the account from the device and re-enter it. Do this not always, so let’s go further.

Action plan:

  1. Check the network setting, returning the values ​​to automatic.
  2. If this did not help, use Google’s DNS or Yandex. For example, in the DNS server field, write, and specify for the alternative.
  3. In the MTU field, try the values ​​1473,1480,1492.

After each operation, restart the console. The last 2 items can be used in setting up the router – it is done via a PC or phone. In the case of MTU through the router, open: “Network” – “WAN”, where change the value. The optimal MTU value will be 1480.

We recommend to update the firmware of the console. Note that accounting data may be deleted, and you will need to re-enter.

If nothing has helped

There is only one option – contact the provider’s support service (ask them about the moment with the PS consoles) and Sony. A subport can help you find a solution. We recommend starting with the support service of the PSN – the Internet provider and its operators help much less often. The support will check the feedback from you and give the necessary decisions.

Let’s sum up

PSN Notification “The connection time with the server expired” is a common phenomenon. Often to solve a simple enough reconnection of the Internet or a router with a white IP. If this did not work, then you’ll have to tinker with the settings. The methods described above allow solving the problem in almost 100% of cases, and you can use all Sony services and play your favorite games.