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ImeMess – what is this application, how to remove it from Android

Recently, bursts of mass infection of Android devices are very often. For example, not long ago, owners of Chinese smartphones (Leagoo, Doogee, BQ, etc.) were fighting the Chromes virus, which, incidentally, was embedded in the firmware. Today we will talk about new threats – the imeMess application and the N26Androidpt. You will learn what it is, where it comes from and how completely these programs are removed from the phone.

What is this program?

ImeMess is an unwanted system software that is deeply embedded in Android. The main goal: bootloader – creation of system holes and hidden installation of advertising software. In addition, the utility is capable of tracking and intercepting user actions (calls, Internet search, correspondence, filling in login-passwords).

 iMeMess-in-phone application
iMeMess application on the phone

The source of this malware – infected software, which is downloaded to the Androids in huge numbers. In some cases – the imemess file goes by default in custom firmware. In the case of Chinese budget models, there is an option that the program is put with regular updates by the owners of the line, in order to throw off a new advertisement on the phones through it. That’s the way it was with Chromes

Remove ImeMess from Android

The main inconvenience that occurs when removing imeMess is automatic upload and a new installation. Identify the source (process) of new launches is very difficult, so you can not get malicious in the standard way. In the removal of such threats, third-party utilities will help you – any antivirus with the current database, the Titanium BackUp program (requires ROOT) and Autostarts.

    1. The first thing to try is standard – go to “Settings” – “All applications”. In the All tab, the imemess utility should be specified – try to erase all data and stop its execution.
    2. If the delete step is not active – go to the settings under the “Security” – “Administration”. If you see unnecessary programs and services in the list, disable them (uncheck the box).
    3. Be sure to check afterwards your device with scanners such as AVG, Dr.Web. Kaspersky, ESET. Especially good Dr.Web Light.
    4. Next, try to remove the imeMess itself with application managers, such as Total Commander. Keep in mind – for many such programs, rutting is required, which is especially bad with Android 6.0 and higher.
    5. If you are deep in your knowledge of Android OS, then you can use the Titanium BackUp utility. Through this program it is possible to freeze imemess for any execution.
    6. If you deleted the program, but it is again loaded, Autostarts application will help. With it, you can track all the processes that occur when you start, work, or turn off the phone. Explore the list while malware is loading and uninstall (stop – freeze) the active processes.

What is the N26Androidpt threat?

N26Androidpt – mobile Trojan working in the background. The main goal of the malware is advertising banners in the browser, lock screen, some applications. Also, the worm is able to intercept user data from the phone and activate paid subscriptions to the content providers’ portals.

  • The application is detected by almost all popular antivirus and scanners that are updated and have an up-to-date database. There is nothing difficult to remove a malicious program. Antivirus, such as Kaspersky, AVG, ESET, Dr.Web, should be downloaded to the phone from the Market and the deep scan should be started.
  • Anti-Virus should point out the threat and also give you the path through which malware is located. Open this folder and delete it.
  • If the removal is denied – try in the “Settings” – “All applications” to find this process – to complete it and clear any data on it.
  • There is also a moment that the N26Androidpt could hide behind administration, so open the “Administrator” properties in the “Security” tab and take a tick from the left applications.
  • Be sure to open your mobile operator’s personal account and view the “Subscriptions” section – “Paid”. The virus, when the browser was launched, could easily launch the necessary websites and subscribe to paid content. Call the operator and create a Content account that you leave with zero balance.