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How the bank blocked my card because of suspicious payments

A recent incident happened with a small incident with a bank card [один из 5 самых популярных банков страны — прим редактора.] I have a small business and several more projects, the income from which I collect on payment systems and electronic wallets, and in particular to a bank card.

The bank itself carefully monitors all its users and it has a certain security system that controls all transactions made by customers. In the case of a suspicious operation, the card is blocked and can be unlocked only in the bank and in the presence of appropriate documents confirming the cardholder and his identity.

This system has a number of shortcomings. And it did not pass me by. Due to the large number of payments received on my card, the bank decided to block it.

 How the bank blocked my card because of suspicious payments

The site said it was blocked by an employee, but not by the system. After that, I make a phone call to the consultant and hear from him that my card is blocked on suspicion of fraud!

I asked what helped. To which he received the answer – “You have committed too many suspicious translations in recent years.” The account and all funds on the card were blocked. I stayed without money, because I kept everything on the card.

I did not manage to unlock the card, because I did not find the contract, and I have been bothering with it for a very long time. It was a simple decision to reissue it. Pleased that the money from the account was allowed to be removed from the passport and without unnecessary documents. Now I am looking for other means of raising funds, otherwise this card will also be blocked.