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How I opened an online store of thermal underwear in Instagram and in brought the buyers to offline

Kind time of the day for all those who are reading this now. In order to launch a project, a service, a business or any other business, it is important to notice the possibilities.

You need to see what you can fill, because in almost every moment there are “empty niches” that you need to learn to see and use.

Something like the sale of umbrellas on a rainy day or soft drinks on the beach under the hot sun, the installation of a coffee machine in the waiting room or services for the presale preparation of a car near or in the car market. All these examples find their place in the chain where they will be really useful, convenient and necessary.

My entrepreneurial activity began on the same principle. I noticed one trend that online stores began to appear more and more in the Instagram social network. It seemed to me that this would be the most convenient platform to start trading my product. What did I want to sell? Thermal underwear.

This was the perfect option in my city at the onset of cold weather and little competition among other stores, since I had almost no one like me. The idea is chosen, the supplier is found, the goods are in stock, all kinds of photos and product descriptions are made.

What happened next? Attracting the audience of the store. I needed to find and attract potential buyers. Before me was the question – who wants to buy my product?

Mostly I advertised my store in sports communities, sports thematic forums (football, snowboard, skis and other outdoor sports). There is a lot of information in the online store about attracting an audience in the online store, you should not write about it now.

The biggest problem at that time for me was that I did not have a place to sell / a store / shop where a person could look or try on my goods. From my warehouse I sent parcels with thermal underwear to the customer by courier service.

The dimensions could not be approached, or the merchandise was with the marriage, and I was constantly harassed by the return or exchange of the goods – in general it came in a decent amount for me. [19659011] It is useful: what business to run on the Internet – we study online options.

It was decided by all renting a regular office and re-profiling it into a store. Since the main stream of buyers was coming from the Internet, the location of the store in a shopping center or in a crowded place did not play a big role for me.

Business developed, subscribers grew, sales too.

Slowly I expanded the range, added other sports goods and supplies. So far it has gone on an income of 100.000 rubles / month clean. And “rested in the wall”: whatever I do, there is no growth. I want to develop further.

I wish everyone to come up with and realize a business idea and find their place in the market of sales and services.