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How I opened a children’s footwear store

Families with children, especially small children, know very well how quickly babies grow. And, therefore, they have to buy clothes and shoes much more often than adults. And you have to buy in any case, regardless of the financial situation of the family. It is for these reasons that several years ago I started selling children’s shoes.

After accumulating a small amount of money and forming myself as an individual entrepreneur, I rented a small department in a shopping center and brought the goods. Despite the fact that the trading place was a through passage, the buyers were initially small.

 How I opened a children's footwear store.

I had to advertise. In order to save money, I printed on the color printer a small but informative business card of my department with the address and range of shoes. For a small fee, a schoolgirl-student spread out this advertisement near kindergartens, schools, multi-storey apartment blocks and shopping and entertainment centers.

In social networks she created a page with colorful photos. In friends invited all the residents of his city, so that potential buyers could see what kind of goods can be purchased in my store. Over time, a more or less constant stream of clients formed, which recommended my shop to neighbors, friends and colleagues.

The difficulty in selling shoes is as follows: selling one or two sizes from a size range to buy these pairs individually is more problematic and expensive

] And at the end of the season there are 2-3 pairs of beautiful shoes of slow sizes, and I do discounts on them so that the goods do not lie down and new models will be brought to the next season.

It is not easy to pick up shoes for children, sometimes you have to measure 10 pairs of shoes, but if q The eyes of the eyes burn at the sight of beautiful shoes or shoes, then the children will return for new purchases with their parents.