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How I bought an apartment on credit with a salary of 10,000 rubles

When buying my first apartment I had to take a loan from the bank (there was a shortage of savings). To do this, I chose the most reliable and time-tested – this is Sberbank of Russia. She issued a loan in the city of Stavropol in the North Caucasian bank of Sberbank of Russia.

A bank employee, based on the documents I provided (Russian passport, certificate on the form 2-NDFL from the main place of work), calculated for various types of loans. I stopped at the “Consumer Loan” for a period of 5 years.

For my official salary of 10,000 rubles, this type of loan yielded a maximum amount of 180,000 rubles. I had enough of this money and I applied for a loan.

The terms of the grant were as follows: “Consumer loan” in the amount of 180 000 rubles at 19.75% per annum for personal consumption, for a period of 60 months, without guarantors.

After 4 days, a bank employee called me with information that the loan was approved to me, and I need to come to the bank to sign the contract. The loan agreement was successfully signed and issued to me with a payment schedule.

For this type of loan, the repayment of interest and principal was paid by annuity payments – equal to each other payments paid in a certain period of time. The mandatory payment amount was 4745 rubles. Early repayment of the loan was possible only with the fourth payment.

I paid the loan within 48 months, monthly without delays, and then the remaining amount of 47,435 rubles was repaid ahead of schedule. After repaying the loan, Sberbank took a certificate on the closure of the loan.

The loan helped me buy a long-awaited apartment, I acquired a positive story in the bank.

After that, I applied to the bank branches in a year. I was offered a credit card of Sberbank for 50 days without interest, without a statement of income and without guarantors. I am satisfied with the service of employees and the attention of the bank. Now I use a credit card. I advise this bank.