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How did we open a service center: filling up printers and repairing computers

“The service center will be opened. Service – always profitable, “my husband told me after we unsuccessfully worked for a private trader. All that we had for that distant 2002 – his knowledge and my imagination. Started at home.

Made beautiful ads with the text “refilling printers, repairing computers” and pasted them on stops. Customers called, brought home cartridges and printers for repairs. Many people needed a receipt – I was registered as a private entrepreneur (then it was a private entrepreneur).

Convinced that it was going on, we rented an office. Before opening, printed advertising for ¼ sheet, and leaked in the mailboxes in the area where the office was. So on the very first day we had already a good (2003) revenue – 700 rubles. The work was on, our team was replenished by the receptionist and another master.

Refilling the printers was then profitable. With the advent of printers (Epson) equipped with chips, we purchased a programmer on the Internet, and became the first in the city who ran the chip cartridges. Here it is worth noting the fact that my husband (alas, a former) is a talented master who probably can fix everything that has not died.
 How we opened a service center: filling up printers and repairing computers
Whatever the proposals , the only effective advertising was leaflets in mailboxes, ads for the city (stops, special boards), advertising in the elevator, and, of course, from the client to the client.

In 2006, large companies wanted to work with us, but they needed another level of relations. We opened an LLC. A lot of organizations of our city have signed a contract with us. Worked according to the following scheme:

  1. A preliminary calculation is made for the number of printers and copiers and the print volume per month
  2. The master is assigned to the client
  3. Invoiced for prepayment
  4. The customer calls our operator every time the need arises, and receives the service within an hour.
  5. As the money limit expires, an invoice and a new invoice are displayed.

The system is convenient for both clients and us, as services are performed quickly, consumables are always in stock and there is no need to stay Mr calculation.

Since 2007, we closed the office and completely switched to the home service (in the office), providing artists scooters. This saved us from the cost of rent, the need to sit in the office, pay for the work of the receptionist. Employees felt freer, they could regulate their work with clients, which made it possible to combine work with other businesses.

Service, repair and refueling are beneficial when consumables are quality and are purchased in large quantities at a wholesale price, and the level of professional training of masters is constantly increasing.