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Crypto currency Facebook – why and when to wait?

Are Facebook ready to launch its own crypto currency? Sensational news (or rumor?) Went through the news sites. Previously, it became known that Facebook has a group of people who work on the blockbuster platform.

The system of payments from Facebook will embrace billions of users, the prospects for it are much larger than those of Telegram, which caused a furore not only on cryptology.

It is known that the group of developers is headed by Marcus, who previously developed the Messenger in the bowels of the FB, and even earlier directed PayPal. David Marcus is also known as one of the bitcoins enthusiasts who invested in the crypt already in the year 10, and in 17 he joined the board of directors of the crypto-exchange Coinbase.

Agree – a very serious leader, but the team – a number of developers of the fastest growing service of the corporation Instagram.

For crypto-currencies it is very positive news that has already affected the courses.