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Credit in the Bank and refinancing in Rosselkhozbank – an example of profitable on-lending

Editor: we get a lot of questions and stories on the subject of refinancing, today a publication about the quite successful experience of one of the readers.

I missed a car, and I did not want to contact the auto loan. He applied to the Bank of Moscow because he already had his debit card and hoped that I would make concessions.

Indeed, I was given a one percent discount on my loan, saying it was a special program. Approved the application for 250 thousand on the same day.

But it was necessary to insure the received amount for 50 thousand. And this amount was included in the main debt. Satisfied, I received money at my own expense.

But after a couple of months he began to worry. Despite the relatively high monthly payments (6467 ), the main debt remained virtually unchanged.

I applied to the bank and explained to me that I have annuity payments, and under such a scheme, first interest is paid off, and then the principal debt is damped. That I happen to have different schemes of repayment of loans, I did not even guess.

As a result, having rummaged on the Internet, I found Rosselkhozbank where it was possible to refinance my debt at 13.2 percent. Having turned this simple operation, I reduced the loan repayment period from five to three years and won about 70 thousand rubles.

Yes, I needed a certificate from work, to spend time, however, it was worth it: refinancing is a very convenient thing. If you have been paying off loans for some time without delay – try to contact one of the major banks for refinancing at a lower interest, but keep in mind that they can impose insurance that will devour all the benefits.