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All About Telecom Security at PHDays


Today, news feeds are full of messages about mobile security issues. Listening to telephone conversations, interception of SMS, substitution of subscribers and breaking of SIM-cards are far from all that attackers can do. To get acquainted with the vulnerabilities of mobile networks and try to hack a carrier, you can be at Positive HackDays. We are talking about competitions and reports on telecom security that can not be missed.

Now it’s hard to imagine a sphere that does not depend on the telecom operator: a POS terminal in a coffee house, an alarm in a country house, a truck on the road, a gas meter – everything works with the built-in SIM card. But there is a reason to think about security: viruses on SIM cards, SDR and IMSI “catcher”, surveillance and audition through SS7, DoS in LTE networks, listening to GSM subscribers on the radio.

May 15 at 14:00 in the hall ” Seliger “ director of information security of telecommunication systems Positive Technologies Dmitry Kurbatov will make a report” Security and Telecom: has it gotten better or worse? “. He will talk about threats to the connected world – a world with smart energy, smart transport and smart cities.

In addition, a laboratory stand with its own mobile network will be deployed on the forum site. Positive Technologies experts on the security of telecommunications systems will demonstrate popular methods of attacks on mobile subscribers: IMSI disclosure, location determination, SMS interception, call forwarding. Visitors to the forum will be able to observe on the monitors the actions of “intruders”, as well as the operation of the security monitoring network PT Telecom Attack Discovery. In addition, the stand will be able to practice using SS7 vulnerabilities and using security methods, intercept and listen traffic to GSM and learn about SDR examples.

On May 15, a series of technical reports on mobile security will be held in the press room network of experts of the department of security expertise of telecommunication systems Positive Technologies. At 10:00 AM Sergey Mashukov will make a presentation on “Exploiting the Vulnerability of Next Generation Networks” dedicated to the security of the Diameter protocol. He will share the results of the security assessment conducted for various telecom operators, and he will give examples of successful attacks. Further, at 11:00, Vadim Yanitsky and the postgraduate student of the Warsaw Polytechnic University Petr Krysik will tell how to make a mobile phone from SDR using free software (OsmoBTS or OpenBTS).

in the role of burglar can be in the traditional competition MITM Mobile. Participants are asked to perform tasks to intercept the radio air of a special cellular operator, which will work on the site. The award will be given to two participants who will fulfill the maximum number of assignments. The competition will need to take Osmocom, SDR, virtual machines and other equipment.

In addition, the forum will host a 30-hour cyberbite The Standoff, in which teams of attackers, defenders and security operations centers will fight for control of the city. The gaming site is a large-scale emulation of the urban infrastructure. The plot has a telecom operator, an Internet provider, and residents actively use not only cellular and mobile Internet, but also IOT-devices and VOIP-telephony. During the game, the attacking teams will have the opportunity to test the security of real telecom systems for strength. Only registered teams can participate in The Standoff.

We are waiting for PHDays! Register and buy tickets for the forum here.